The MindSlide™ is a handheld visual analogue scale for use in a therapeutic session, for individual self help in between sessions or in group training. It has a dry wipe surface which can be written or drawn upon and has a numbered moveable slider to register emotional reaction, psychological shifts and levels of change. Feedback from evaluations has identified the following benefits of using The MindSlide™:

  • Two different number scales – the standard 0 to 10 SUDS scale is complimented by a unique 5 to 5 scale, this gives clients and therapists a choice of how to process and record emotional shifts.
  • The unique 5 to 5 scale – this provides two equal measurements for the current and preferred states without placing a value judgement on either. Sometimes clients have a perception that some emotions are bad or unacceptable, i.e. anger, depression, anxiety. This scale reinforces the belief that all emotions are normal and can be experienced by all of us at different times depending on our experiences. The purpose of the slide is to help people understand where they are emotionally without negative judgement and develop acceptance of how they feel in the moment. This acceptance can then be used as a springboard for change. The MindSlide™ can be used to set a subliminal message that change is possible without rejecting or denying those natural states we feel when things do not go our way.
  • Problems and solutions can be identified and labelled faster – using the dry wipe surface of the slide your client can write a word, draw symbols or use a colour to represent the problem without having to use lengthy discussion to find the words to describe what is going on.
  • The MindSlide™ can create a focus on the solution to your client’s problem – by identifying the opposite emotional state and/or midway states at the beginning of the session, the client has already created the possibility of emotional flexibility. This gives the client, often for the first time, a glimpse that there are alternatives to how they currently feel about the problem.
  • Identify a bridging list between problem and solution – the dry wipe area allows the problem to be broken down into smaller steps and these steps can be linked to a number on the slide to measure progress and create confidence about change.
  • Maintain internal processing while recording shifts – the noticing of a reduction in emotional intensity allows for the movements on the slide while the client maintains their internal processing focus. This avoids the need for a logical/rational break which happens when a pen and paper SUDS scale and questioning are used.
  • As the MindSlide™ creates a focus for the client it does seem to reduce the time needed to identify the problem and work through it.

Purchasing the MindSlide™ Practitioner’s Pack gives you free access to the members’ area of the website for 3 months. Here you will find information on therapeutic uses for the MindSlide™ and the Virtual MindSlide™ which is an on-line version for use on Skype sessions.  Continuing your membership to the Virtual MindSlide™ costs £10 per month.

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