The MindSlide™ is a two sided, moving, visual analogue scale (VAS).  It adds value to any therapeutic, coaching or training session by providing clients with a kinaesthetic aspect to their mental processing.  This external addition to the clients natural feedback loop deepens and reinforces change in the moment.

The unique 5 to 5 measuring scale compliments the standard 0 to 10 Subjective Units of Disturbance Scale (SUDS) which is commonly used to measure emotional shifts.  Adding a kinaesthetic movement to the process connects the internal feedback loop with external reinforcement.  Using movement rather than thought to record shifts maintains the client’s connection with their internal processing; this helps to speed up their recognition of the changes they have made.

Using The MindSlide™ is easy, the client writes the problem and their current emotional state on the slide, they then shift focus to the preferred solution state. This creates a focus on the possibility of emotional flexibility in relation to the problem.  Bridging steps can also be identified and written on the slide to chunk down the size of the problem and encourage emotional shifts for each aspect.

The MindSlide™ offers visual and kinaesthetic focus to separate thought, emotion and behaviour. Once these are identified and written on the slide the client can notice the space to explore the concepts of choosing helpful emotions linked to each of their life’s experiences.  This leads to emotional strengthening and the development of coping strategies which can be identified in session and practised when the client experiences difficult situations in real time.  Internal noticing, alongside acceptance and wisdom are key to the mindful approach The MindSlide™ supports.

I first invented The MindSlide™ for my son who died in 2007 from kidney failure.  At the same time as helping him to cope with his end of life experiences I was also working as a therapist.  I noticed when people were traumatised they often could not talk openly about their problems.  I also noticed that sometimes people would come to see me about one problem but after a time a deeper problem would emerge.  I wanted a tool that could help my clients work in their inner world and measure changes without having to enter into long discussions as this in itself seemed to create anxiety in some people.  From this need sprang the idea of a slide that can be drawn or written upon with numbers to record changes.  This simple yet very effective psychological aid has now evolved into a tool which can be used by:

Practitioners in:                                               Individuals for:

  • Therapy                                             Emotional Issues
  • Coaching                                           Living with Illness
  • Teaching                                            Motivation

To find out more about using The MindSlide™ go to The MindSlide™ for Practitioner’s page.

The MindSlide™ has been validated by many clients and colleagues over the years; before marketing the slide I wanted some independent feedback.  I commissioned an independent research project to find the views of clinicians and their client/patients on the usefulness of The MindSlide™.   The University of Chester carried out a research project to provide some independent feedback.

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